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Designing a Developers Blog


Just a small Log on a random situation. 

A few weeks ago i was asked to rethink a Blog from a developer friend. "Something simple, minimal, mostly type..  You just have to organize the content in a logical way."

However there where some aspects that lacked in the previous layout. The archive was hellish, the about section was using the same 12px black Helvetica with no costume css for different kinds of content, and the navigation was so basic that it was hard to find what you were looking for.

Once i got the main layout signed off there was something still missing.. There was nothing wow about it, lacked something to engage the user. We spit out some ideas and made some options but none of them actually showed what we wanted. Until.. he decided to go trough some old projects, and end up founding  a interactive animated pattern made with Javascript that lets you explode elements by clicking on them. First thought: "Lets use this as the home page!"

All rainbows and unicorns, until he actually starts modifying all the interactive thingy to fit the design direction specs so that it work properly on the website. 
On a good note, most of the errors became crazy good patterns and animations (at least they fed up my instagram) #failforward

All things sorted, here it is!! 

Enjoy! (and try to find the easter eggs)

Bruno Viegas