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Maskerart Community


If you are an artist and haven't heard about Maskerart Community yet, you are losing big time! This guys have all the visibility you need (we are talking 1M+ art hungry followers), and the best part is, all you have to do in order to expose yourself is to sell your own artwork printed on t-shirts via their website! You'll be making money and gaining exposure without spending a Pound!

I recently rebranded it and helped on some adjustments on their online store (still a bit of a work in progress, stand by for more news on that).  A lot of artists all around the world are starting to see the potential and the number of items for sale is growing by the day.

Check it online at:

Here's the official statement on their website:

If you’re an artist, we may be interested in licensing your work and sell it on this website and on our facebook page.

With us, your work can reach millions (sometimes tens of millions) of people who can buy it with the click of a button. And for each sale, you get a royalty payment. How cool is that? 

If you feel up for it, we'd love you to send us a selection of your best designs to for our consideration.

We will take care of all the production, logistics, stock management, shipping, quality control and customer support - while you're collecting payments every three months.

The only thing we ask of you is that you keep doing what you do best: awesome art!"

Make the most of it!

Bruno Viegas